Updated Information - September 3, 2020

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you are all staying safe and following all the local and provincial guidelines. There are many people contacting us to ask about Registration and the status of our programming. We can say we certainly miss you all and wish we had some better news. As it stands right now the Registration date of September 13, 2020 at Moose Lodge is cancelled. We are not running any programs in the near future. There is very little ability to social distance or follow the rules set out by the local health unit and the provincial guidelines. Basketball, Floor Hockey and Bowling put everyone in very close contact that cannot be managed. We have started with Figure Skating as it is very easy to social distance and the coach is able to keep their distance. In Floor Hockey everyone would have to have their own equipment. There is no sharing of equipment any longer. Basket, everyone shares and touches a ball. Bowling is very cramped and might have to be done over several days. Our primary concern is the health and safety of the coaches and volunteers. There are coaches who take care of elderly parents and many athletes are immune compromised. We will look at possibly starting swimming in the New Year but we need to find a pool as the YMCA closed. There is the ability to social distance in swimming.

Bottom line is we are always evaluating to see if there is a possibility to start anyone of our programs. We are on top of it and if there is any way we can start another one of our programs we certainly will. The test will be how all our schools manage with the "Return to School" this fall. We are hopeful.

In the meantime there are many exciting events and online videos at Special Olympics Ontario. They are working hard to try and engage the athletes across the Province. We did try to do the same thing for months in Orillia but unfortunately there was no interest. Kudos to Taylor Sherrit for trying!!!!

Please keep up to date by checking the website and watching our Social Media Pages.

We look forward to see you all one day soon.

Keep Smiling and Hang in There!!!!!!!!