Return to Play - Information & Survey

Hello All

We are in the process of looking at Return to Play. There is presently a suspension of all activities until August 31st. There are several stps that need to be followed and approved by Special Olympics Ontario. This will be a slow process and we will do this carefully. I am attaching a survey for you all to complete where you can offer your thoughts on returning if approvals are in place. This is your chance to let the Council know how you feel. There are some individual sports where the decision will be easier to make.There are still many unknowns and everyone's safety is of primary importance. No decisions will be made lightly. Please complete the survey and return it to MYSELF and not to ALL. The surveys will be discussed with the council at a mtg in August. This will all be posted on social media and our website. Make sure you voice your opinion as this is the only forum we have to do this. In the meantime stay safe.

Cathy O'Connor

Community Coordinator

Orillia Special Olympics

Volunteer, Coach and Athlete Return to Sport Survey.

The health and safety of all members of the Special Olympics movement is the most important factor in the planning to Return to Sport.

Special Olympics Ontario has created the Return to Program website that includes the information our members need to determine whether to return to sport. Please review the website for more information.

What is your role within the Special Olympics Program?

o Athlete

o Sport Coach

o Administrative Volunteer

o Parent / Caregiver of an athlete

Which sports do you participate in?

Given the information that is available on the Special Olympics Ontario Return to Program website, do you (or your athlete) feel comfortable returning to the SOO Sport Program in your community?

o I feel comfortable returning to the SOO Sport Program

o No, I do not feel comfortable at this time

If you answered No, to the above question, please let us know what concerns you have.

o Concerns for contracting virus (player, family members)

o Concerns for passing the virus on to others

o Concern other people will not follow the safety protocols for preventing the spread of the virus

o I feel I have a medical conditions that puts me at higher risk

o Other (please provide further information below if needed)

We appreciate your feedback to ensure all our athletes and coaches remain safe during our Return to Sport process.